Chaenomeles japonica

Botanical Name: 
Chaenomeles japonica
Common Name: 
Flowering Quince

A thorny deciduous shrub.

Flowers are on bare branches seen from mid-winter.

Comes in a variety of colours ranging from white, reds, orange-red & pinks.

Flowers are followed by quince like fruit which ripens in autumn. Very astringent but can be used in jams & jellies.

The fruit is fragrant.

Leaves are alternately arranged, simple, and have a serrated margin.

Prefers a position in full sun & can tolerate a range of soil types.

Ht: around 1m



Useful as a hedge due to the thorns, can be espaliered, floral arrangements, using the fruit for jellys etc.


By cuttings or suckers


Palmer's Manual of Trees, Shrubs & Climbers by Stanley J Palmer