Ginkgo biloba

Botanical Name: 
Ginkgo biloba
Common Name: 
Maidenhair tree

A hardy deciduous tree which forms a pyrimidal shape when mature, the branches are symmetrical with grey bark.

Leaves are broad and fan like, 12cm across, with veins radiating out into the leaf blade.

The leaves are spirally arranged on long shoots and in whorls of five on shorter shoots.  Leaves resemble the maidenhair fern hence the common name

In autumn the foliage turns a bright yellow - gold colour.

Female trees produce fleshy fruits with a strong unpleasant odour. So male trees are more preferable to grow.

The tree has culinary and medicinal uses.

Stake the main trunk when young to keep it straight. Keep moist during dry periods while the tree is getting estabilished.

Ht: 7m x 4m


Specimen tree, as a shade tree, for autumn colour.