Agathis australis

Botanical Name: 
Agathis australis
Common Name: 

NZ native coniferous tree that has a slow growth habit, with the juvenile pyrimadal shape lasting more than 50 years. Leaves are narrow and leathery with fresh foliage an attractive bronze colour. Kauri can be tolerant of a wide range of conditions but do prefer a moist rich soil and grow better if placed in areas not too exposed.

The kauri is the most famous of the native trees of New Zealand and one of the largest trees in the world. Natural distribution of the kauri is from Northland to the Bay of Plenty but it can be grown in colder areas. The male and female cones are borne on the same tree.

It also has a very small root system for the height of the plant hence why it should be staked and protected from the wind when planted.

H: 10m in 30 years


Native plantings, Large specimen tree


by seed.


The gardeners encyclopaedia of new zealand native plants by Yvonne Cave & Valda Paddison.