Bauhinia galpinii

Botanical Name: 
Bauhinia galpinii
Common Name: 
South African orchid bush

A South African native with bright orange flower clusters throughout autumn held along the tops of the arching horizontal branches, above the foliage.

Leaves are rounded with two distinct lobes and paler colour on the undersides. Reniform shaped leaves.

It is a handsome sprawling layered shrub in full sun but in the shade will scramble through other trees to reach the light.

In NZ it is deciduous and hardy to light frost but in the tropics is virtually evergreen.

Regular pruning back during Winter dormancy will keep this plant shapely and free-flowering.

Prefers good drainage, full sun and some shelter from wind and hard frost.

Ht: up to 3m


Suits tropical, coastal and mediterranean themed gardens. Can be espaliered.


by cuttings and seed.