Clianthus puniceus

Botanical Name: 
Clianthus puniceus
Common Name: 
Kaka beak, kowhai ngutu-kaka
klih-AN-thus pun-IK-ee-us

NZ native shrub with large pendulous clusters of bright red, pink or white flowers in Spring.

Leaves with many pairs of dull green leaflets arranged along a central stalk.

Flowers are 80mm long, the fruit that follows is a green pea-like pod that splits releasing the numerous hard small blotched seeds.

Kaka beak has a sprawling form, making it suitable to train as a climber or espalier.

Arching branches with fine fern like leaves. Protect from heavy frosts. Prefers a free draining site

H: up to 2m


Feature shrub for in a NZ native planting theme or tropical theme, grown for the Spring flowers can be enjoyed.


By seed or cuttings


The gardeners encycolpedia of new zealand native plants by Yvonne Cave & Valda Paddison