Dicksonia squarrosa

Botanical Name: 
Dicksonia squarrosa
Common Name: 
Wheki, brown tree fern, rough tree fern

A common tree fern native to New Zealand, it is very hardy and grows a tall slender brown trunk.

Fronds are 1.5 - 3m in length and form an umbrella shape on top of the trunk. The fronds are crisp to touch.

It is best suited to a site with partial shade and minimal wind.

Trunks are often used for fencing or edging and fronds will sometimes sprout from the side if top is dead.

Fast growing, frost hardy.

Ht: 5m x 2.5m


Native gardens, slight tropical appearance, small gardens. mass planted or used as a specimen, can be grown in pots.


Can be propagated from the stem if it is layed down and trenched, new fonds should sprout.