Macropiper excelsum

Botanical Name: 
Macropiper excelsum
Common Name: 
Kawa kawa, pepper tree

A New Zealand evergreen shrub or tree.

It has shiny green leathery leaves 5-10cm long and 6-12cm wide, that usually have many holes due to chewing insects.

The subspecies peltatum is less prone to insect attacks.

An obvious feature is the zig-zagging branches, that are often swollen at the joints.

Flowers in spring and are 2.5 to 7.5cm long spikes.

Tolerates coastal conditions, prefers a moist position but will grow elsewhere.

Has traditional maori rongoa uses.

H: 2-6m tall


Filler, Foliage plant, medicinal purposes.


by seed or from cuttings.