Myrsine australis

Botanical Name: 
Myrsine australis
Common Name: 

A New Zealand native shrub common around forest margins and scrubland.

Forms a compact shrub with reddish brown young branclets and shoots, often mistaken for a Pittosporoum sp.

Leaves are obovate or broad elliptic, yellowish to light green in colour, with wavy crinkly margins.

Small flowers 3mm in size from summer to autumn, accompanied by oval 3mm reddish to black 1 seeded drupes from the previous year.

Easy to grow, thrives in many different situations.

Can be trimmed to any form or size.

Ideal for native restoration and revegetation planting.

Ht: 3m x 2m


Native restoration and revegetation planting, native themed gardens, trimmed as topiary or a hedge.

Provides food for native birds.


Easily be seed, can be propagated by cuttings also


Palmer's Manual of Trees, Shrubs & Climbers by Stanley J Palmer