Tetragonia tetragonioides

Botanical Name: 
Tetragonia tetragonioides
Common Name: 
New Zealand Spinach, Kokihi

A leafy rambling groundcover native to New Zealand.

It naturally grows Its in the coastal strand zone often growing along beaches amongst driftwood but it is also in sand dunes, on boulder and cobble beaches, on cliff faces and rock ledges.

Leaves are bright green, 3-5 cm long, triangular shape and covered with tiny papillae that look like water drops on the top and underside of the leaves.

Flowers of the plant are yellow, and the fruit is a small, hard pod covered with small horns.

Leaves are edible and used as spinach. Easy to grow in a range of conditions. Can tolerate dry conditions and grows in full sun or partial shade. Self seeds readily.

Ht: 20cm & 1m wide.


As an attractive groundcover either in the edible garden, or New Zealand native garden. Trailing growth habit so can be used to fall over walls.


by seed