Viburnum trilobum

Botanical Name: 
Viburnum trilobum
Common Name: 
American cranberry viburnum

A deciduous shrub native to North America, with very decorative bright red edible berries and a broadly columnar shape.

Leaves are maple shaped up to 12cm long, broadly ovate with three lobes, light green above and paler beneath, arrangement is opposite. Leaves turn carmine red in autumn.

White flowers produced in cymes in spring and summer.

Followed by 9mm cranberry like fruits which persits into winter after leaf fall.

Prefers moist and wet sites. Easy to grow. Prune to shape.

Ht: 3m x 2.5m



Very ornamental shrub with nearly year round interest, nice foliage, flowers and fruit. Garden display shrub, ideal for picking for indoors.


Palmers Manual of Trees, Shrubs & Climbers by Stanley J Palmer